Verified Views

We provide verified views to assist architects and developers gain planning approval.

They are also referred to as AVR – Accurate Visual Representations and VVM – Visually Verified Montages. These images are requested by the planning authority to support applications for developments within a sensitive context.

A Verified View is an accurate photomontage – Verified meaning the information regarding the camera location and key reference points in the View have been surveyed. Our survey team – CD Surveys Ltd – carry out the work in accordance with the standard ‘Topographical Survey Specifications’ as set by the The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Land Surveyor and the Architect (LSA) offering a plan and height accuracy of 15-50mm for these locations.

The survey data is imported into our 3D software to locate the camera and accurately align it with the 3D model of the proposed design. A detailed methodology is provided that describes our process suitable for submission as part of a Planning Application and Landscape Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA).

There are 4 types of output

Level 0 occluded coloured area
Level 1 occluded wireframe
Level 2 flat shaded single material model
Level 3 full proposed material model and replication of lighting in the photograph

If you have any questions regarding Verified Views and the techniques we use please do not hesitate to contact us.

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